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New Offsprings

This one is for those who strive to express them selves without limitations, who find strength in unity and have creativity running through their veins. Our goal is rather simple: Being an outcast should be celebrated. Through our shoes, we want to enable you to do whatever your passion may be, but most importantly, to do it in comfort. Being an outcast can be a struggle. There were days that you’ve felt misunderstood or misfitted. Being an outcast ourselves we hear you, and we’d like to give you a hand. Therefore we raise our flag for those who want to challenge the status quo.

New Offsprings is a concept that was inspired by the art of anime. Founder Giorgio Kromodjodjo explains:
Anime showed me how to get most out of yourself, to be who you want to be. Anime gave me the strength to dream big. Let your creativity flow and visualise where you want to go, work hard and keep believing, you will achieve it, anything is possible. It showed me that every person has its own unique powers and if you combine them; you can build bridges that can lead to find your treasure (your purpose). The creativity is endless. So be yourself and try not to fit in, you are already in.
New Offsprings tells the fictional anime story of the space pirate “Sencho Billy”. Billy is from a parallel universe in the future and had to escape his dying planet. Stranded on a soon to extinct earth, he is on a search for a team of likeminded outcasts. This time they will safe the planet.


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